Welcome to MedLegWest - Medico-Legal Experts

MedLegWest specialises in Orthopaedics, delivering quality, expert, accurate and forensic assessments and medico-legal reports of musculoskeletal damage to patients injured at work, in motor vehicle accidents and in public liability matters.  It also produces reports in a form that assists clients in dealing with their medico-legal workload more effectively.

Dr Harrison is the principal of MedLegWest Pty Ltd.  He is an orthopaedic surgeon, an approved medical specialist and a medico-legal consultant.


With more than 40 years such experience, Dr Harrison provides:

  • Forensic Medico-Legal reports to assist with issues such as causation (attribution)

  • Timely, unbiased and accurate medico-legal reports which are authoritative in IME or other form as needed


MedLegWest is a centre of Sydney (western-based) Medico-Legal Practice in North Parramatta in convenient air-conditioned rooms.


[“Orthopaedic injuries” continue to account for approximately 60-80% of all injuries in those jurisdictions].


Conveniently located 1 minute from Parramatta CBD with on site parking.

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