For Insurance agents or companies we provide prompt, accurate medico-legal reports, forensically assessing causation and impairment as required in an appropriate form as IME or, more comprehensively, aiding your staff in processing such claims more readily, where all matters of Orthopaedic injury are asserted to have occurred. 

Experience and standing in the Orthopaedic community is of value in utilising sound reports provided in this way, especially if such opinions (justified on facts) end up being at variance with treating surgeons who are considering operative treatment where possibly such analysis by my firm doesn’t fit with requests that are reasonably necessary and appropriate in such care. 

The earlier such factual opinions are obtained, the less likely the cost of the claim might be, as early authoritative and accurate reports from an experienced practitioner are certainly a better guide to liability decisions (and thus justifiable claims) as to both primary treatment and when secondary treatment is being sought by treating specialists at later times. 


Our services include the amenities of:


  • Prompt appointments (with due consideration of your urgency of requirement)

  • Full medico-legal report to you within 10-14 working days

  • Radiology (x-ray) services (two) are in close proximity (if needed)

  • Court appearances (by arrangement) 

Dr John Harrison is:


  • Very experienced in the field

  • Only recently retired from active orthopaedic surgical practice and is therefore able to produce expert, accurate and forensic reports and assessments including IME and other related reports (as required) to assist with issues such as causation, treatment  and work capacity

  • Authoritative qualified specialist reports that are timely, unbiased and accurate

  • He has particular expertise in providing appropriate reports on the liability side of treatment demands by peer orthopaedic and allied procedural surgeons

  • He has extensive experience in the assessing and completing of Medico-Legal Reports, Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident Authority and in Personal Injury Jurisdictions and allied fields, where legal rights of patients and the relative interest of insurers are being contested

  • An AMS (Approved Medical Specialist) to the NSW Workers Compensation System and still serves on the AMA Law Society Medico-Legal Liaison Committee and Co-Ordinating Committee of NSW WorkCover.

(According to annual statistics from NSW WorkCover, 60-80% of all significant injury circumstances involve orthopaedic care injuries with statistics being similar in motor vehicle accidents and public liability matters. Hence the importance of getting such a specialist to report on such matters).