Dr Harrison’s experienced staff will assist your client through all the simple processes we follow before the assessment.


  1. Make the necessary appointment by telephoning 02 9893 9494 and speaking to the secretary, Vanessa Earl.

  2. Appointment confirmation will be sent to you for your client together with a tax invoice, payable prior to release of the report.

  3. All paperwork - your briefing letter together with enclosures of treating doctors' reports, reports of x-ray, CT, MRI or other imaging studies that should be considered, must be received no less than 5 days prior to the appointment date. Failure to provide this vital information may necessitate cancellation as the appointment cannot proceed without this.

  4. A 50% late cancellation or non-attendance fee applies. This may apply also in the case of non-receipt of documents in the required time. FAXED or EMAILED DOCUMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Documents must be received to PO Box 3034, North Parramatta NSW 1750 OR DX 8202, Parramatta.

  5. If an Interperter is required to facilitate the assesment please inform my staff of this before the appointment booking, there is an extra charge involved for this service, due to the additional time required.


Dr Harrison always follows the expected guidelines for medico-legal appointments as laid down in the NSW WorkCover/Commission Guideline documents.


Patients are required to bring all relevant x-rays, CT and MRI films and other imaging studies and reports to appointments.


Preliminary measurement of height and weight prior to the assessment being done and some minimal paperwork is also needed so please advise clients to allow, say, 10 minutes arrival before consultation time.


[Dr Harrison does NOT do assessments of individuals where Medical Negligence against other doctors is being asserted].